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welcome to ALLISON and REF's resource carrd ♫

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xtra bg dump

text codes (js): rainbow, wobble, bubble, wipe, gradientALLISON'S CODES HAVE BEEN MOVED TO HERE!not written/modified by allison, but in her pastebin :
lace border, funky container

Kosugi Maru - In carrd

Exo 2 - In carrd

Times New Roman - In carrd

Mali - In carrd


<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Amsterdam Grafitti

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

quiet meows

<style>@font-face {
font-family: "quiet meows"; src: url("") format("woff");


<style> @font-face {
font-family: "VCR OSD Mono"; src: url("") format("truetype");

kg always a good time

<style> @font-face {
font-family: good time; src: url(;

Lovely Valentine

<style> @font-face {font-family:'Lovely Valentine'; src: url(;}


<style> @font-face { font-family: chick; src: url(; }

[kl cupid]

<style> @font-face { font-family:'kl cupid'; src: url(;} </style>

come back for more later :)

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[042121 22:18] added update log & toby's bookmarks
[051321 13:57] added more bookmarks from allison <3
[051921 14:27] more pixels and some bug fixes :)
[052121 09:30] hearts! also thank you for the 1k hits after 2 days of putting the counter up...jeeez
[052321 14:26] xyz is getting redesigned! please be patient while it's under construction for a little :) none of the resources will go away!
[052421 11:26] i think we just ran out of link space (edit no i didnt)
[052521 09:47] small bug patches
[060621 12:59] massive pixel haul check em out
[070221 22:12] small design adjustments...
[071421 1:41] thx for 20k hits :p always updating
[071921 10:28] more stuff
[082121 10:54] new home page (have to fix the top text) and some of allisons bookmarks hehe..
[090321 11:28] new design softlaunch :) will be editing still don't worry lol
[090521 20:46] added new codes&changed the font because allison's dyslexic
[090521 21:15] added the first round of fonts!
[090621 09:12] added another font&some carrds :)
[091221 22:26] design changes
[101721 10:10] more pixels everywhere! we did not forget about this carrd i swear
[102221 8:59] fixed link hovers AND refs tips page
[110221 5:20] happy holidayss added christmas pixels
[110221 6:35] MASSSIVE pixel haul i hope theyre not too messyyyy
[112621 14:52] we met up :D xyz still lives!
[012422 11:54] added some things to the tips section
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[022222 7:24] 100K YAAAHHH LOVE U GUYS
[050522 9:14] reshuffled the crd page again
[061322 15:02] sorted ref's bookmarks out! HAGS =)
[123022 21:00] added sooo many backgrounds on the xl page happy new year
[112223 20:12] i still update this thing? added dividers and deleted some links that stopped working

allison and ref are two friends with a liking for HTML and CSS coming from the deserted lands of kin tumblr. they have been friends for years, often talking about the trials and tribulations of 4chan, new javascript codepens, resources found on the web, and way about too much personal information on internet figures.XYZ.CRD.CO is the first new-wave resource carrd, founded in mid-April 2021.ref: refster on tumblrallison: pastebin
discord: alli#0005

  • dont start shit in people's cboxes (they can ip grab you)

  • if you're gonna make a resource carrd, please put something original on it.. it feels like going in circles and mf2fm is everywhere

  • inspect element and clicking dimensions: responsive brings up how your site looks on most phone sizes

  • keep a folder of crds you like or your own is useful

  • googling "[insert character name] renders" brings up art transparents

  • wireframe your carrds first so they're easier to build

  • if you do carrd commissions make sure to check out copyright laws and artist's repost policies

  • buy crd pro during black friday/use a referral code